Fatma Hamouda, PhD

Fatma Hamouda is actually a Ph.D. student in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment (DAFE) at Pisa’s University. Her research interests focus on the sustainable irrigation management of sparse crops under soil water deficit conditions, which is based on the use of sensors and models to schedule the irrigation. In her high-educational background, she completed the Master of Science in” Land and Water Resources Management: Irrigated Agriculture” in CIHEAM Bari (Italy), where she used CROPWAT, COPAM, CLIMWAT, AQUACROP, AKLA and GAMS software. Her master thesis was about “Water Use Efficiency of olive trees under Mediterranean climate and under combined abiotic stresses conditions (Drought and salinity)”. Also, she attended the level I Master course in “Agricultural Heritage” in the University of Florence in collaboration with the FAO, (Italy). She is originally an Agro-Economist Engineer, specialized in the Management and Development of the Agricultural Projects where she got her diploma in the High Agronomic Institute of Mograne (Tunisia), her thesis was about the” Performance of seasonal tomato crop in the region of Cap Bon”. She worked also as trainee engineer with RUWA Company in Catanzaro (Italy), focusing on the hydrological analysis and the hydraulic design, realizing the planimetry of the irrigation districts, spatial analysis and generation of maps and GIS projects, where she used HEC-HMS and, HEC-RAS, software.