Field Spectroscopy-Parameterization of olive leaf P-V curve and estimation of water potential components

AgrHySMo LAb. is facing with promising technology like the field spectroscopy.  New detectors, characterized by very high resolution and operating over a spectral range variable between 300 and 2500 nm, allow detecting narrow reflectance or absorbance peaks, separating close lying peaks and discovering new information, hidden at lower resolutions. In this research, we investigate on the pressure-volume (PV) curve of olive trees in a nondestructive and repeatable way, as well as to propose methodologies aimed to parameterize the different compartments characterizing the SPAC system (soil or plant). Hyperspectral data were used to characterize the hydraulic PV curve of olive leaves, as well as to estimate, indirectly, the two main components of leaf water potential, i.e. turgor and osmotic potentials.

The research starts thanks to the Alexander Goetz support program 2014, providing funds, tools for spectral measurements (ASD FieldSpec 4 Standard-Res Spectroradiometer and Plant Probe) and technical assistance during the experiments.